Renovation of website - sound controller?

Hi all,
I am re-doing a up-and-coming bands website, and I am wanting to add some audio clips of their songs.
I am wanting to have buttons to select forward song, back song, play, stop, and possibly pause, rewind, and fast forward, and i have not yet found a way to do this. If someone could either be bothered writing it out or linking me so a site, it would be greatly appreciated. The file format it mp3.
Thank you,

well way too much to write out man, this site is great, it will answer most of your questions, just maybe not the rewind and fast foward thing

Originally posted by Digitalosophy *
** just maybe not the rewind and fast foward thing

I believe it does :slight_smile:


*Originally posted by Voetsjoeba *
**I believe it does :slight_smile: **

yup it does, thanks for clearing that up Voets :slight_smile:

thanx heaps, It helped alot.

yea kenny should be crowned king for writing that :slight_smile: