"Reply Requested" in PMs

Whenever I write to or answer a PM it asks if I want to be notified if the recipient gets it. I always hit “cancel” because I figure why make them do extra clicking just for corespondence?

Is there a way to turn this off? I can’t find a PM pref area…

well pretty much its its alerting you that you have new private messages. And without that, some people dont check their inbox that much (like me :P) they might never know… Maybe go pm kirupa about it :stuck_out_tongue: or hope he reads this thread.

oh i misunderstood… do you mean after youve finished/ the confirming that you have read their message… you can, when you write one, say yes or no to that.

I just wanted to change the default from Yes to No. It’s a minor thing.

I know you can turn the PM alert off (the one telling you that you have new messages) but I think the reciept request is automatic. I too, personally dont care for it and wish there was an option to turn it off. I dont use PMs enough to worry about it though. Still, I think it would be much more convenient as a checkbox or something