Can anyone here help me, im looking for someone who is good at creating icons. E.g the My Computer icon or the Recycle Bin icon. If you can help, PM or reply here. Thanks.

i think soul can do a really decent job on pixel art. And so can sintax (pixel people)

Ok, if you are interested Soul and Sintax. Please post here or PM me, thanks.

what do you need? i might be able to do something.

Can you make me a few… 32x32 or 64x64 icon… Prefer 64x64.

One with like Mp3 text on a blank document icon…

One with a little computer.

One with a picture of a house.

One a piece of paper with lines on it for writing.

One as a question mark.

One as a folder.

One with something to do with photo’s…

One with a picture of an email.

One with something to do with downloading files…

One with something to do with a guestbook or forum.

And if you can, can you make a little pixel man of any size that i can use…

Thanks for anyone who makes any / all of these.

Any particular problem with you trying to do these yourself?

It would be a funny world if we all designed everybody else’s websites! :slight_smile:

I tried to do them, im crap.

There is a very good pixel program for making smilies, icons and such.

I think it’s called microlangelo or something like that, do a search on - very simple and easy to use!



that is a long list for someone to do for free…hint hint…

I dont expect someone to do the them all, but if the want to… They can go ahead… :smiley:

Bump… Every topic i made seems to need bumping… :confused: