Resize prolems

I’m trying to get two animations that are in a table on my homepage to resize to 100% for different screen resolutions. For some reason I just can’t get it to work. The really weird thing about this first page is that I sized the two animations in exactly the same way, but the top animation(header) gets expanded vertically, while the animation in the middle of the page gets squashed vertically.

This one shows the white space I get without using the <param name=scale value=exactfit> tag:

And this last shows how the header disappears completely when I add a height=“100%” to the existing width=“100%”:

Seems like filling a cell of a table that’s scaled to 100% width with flash animation that doesn’t distort should be really easy, what am I missing?



I checked out the links and although i am not exactly a flash guru, I really don’t understand how the movies have scaled to different sizes in the different pages but in test two I don’t know if this will solve your problem but either you have left some space on the top of the movie in the swf file and so it has left the amount of space there…that could be one possibility, another is that in the <body> tag of the page the code is leftmargin=“0” and topmargin=“0”

so the tag should be <body left margin=“0” topmargin=“0”>

maybe this will help i don’t know for sure…