[Review] jinxed.org


Thanks a lot for your time reviewing my site. It took quite some work to do it and I want it to be as cool as possible so please be brutally honest!

Can you please:

Try and imagine it doesn’t say “today” at the biginning of every phrase. Do you like it better?

What do you see on the banner, without paying a lot of attention?

Do quickly understand the point of the site?

Thanks a lot.


PS: I know my website doesn’t validate and I don’t mind. I didn’t try to make a coding masterpiece, just want it to work on FF and IE7 and IE6 (with lower quality expectations). Dealing with the displaying problems by understanding what was going on takes a lot less time than respecting norms I don’t really care about.

Unless you have coding solutions for a dynamic width without using images that would work on all browser and keep the round-borders, don’t bother giving me coding tips. Unless it is security tips since I really suck at this.

Once again, thanks for you help!!!