Review :: The Movies :: PC

[COLOR=Red]**Game Name: **[/COLOR]The Movies (Premiere Edition)
[COLOR=Red]Platform:[/COLOR] P.C (DVD-ROM)
[COLOR=Red]Realese Date:[/COLOR] November 8 2005
November 11 2005
[COLOR=Red]**Overall Score: **[/COLOR]4.9/5

[COLOR=Red]Review: [/COLOR]
The movies is a simulation game made by Activision and Lionhead Studios, It is rated 12. The game takes place in the 20th century and you are a film company owner and you have to build up your empirre and make ground-breaking movies. You can go up to the 1950’s in sand-box mode. You can have a team of script-writers make a script for a genre of your choice or make your own. Make + Hire your own actors, directors the lot! You can even see them film!

I Enjoy the game very much. I got it for 10 quid (18.72 dollars .approx) from game and it is brilliant. It has the feel of command and conquer, black and white and its own little blend. It really is a master-peice with the only down-side being the system requirments for me. I haven’t yet tried the expansion but I will soon. If you haven’t got this game you surely are missing out on a master-peice. My score : [SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]4.9/5[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=+1][/SIZE]