RHCP Live in Hyde Park

Yup, recieved it today! :beam: :thumb:
It’s f*cking awesome :beam:

If you don’t have it and you like this kind of music (who doesn’t :P) then go and get it! :beam:
One of the songs performed live were the 80’s classic “I Feel Love” and RHCP’s cover was great :thumb: :thumb:

I really want it! I’m quite a big chilli’s fan, I’m even listening to them right now :stuck_out_tongue: but I sadly missed the ocncert that they played near me, I was meant to go with some freinds but they all bailed out :frowning:

I was trying to get tickets for their Murrayfield gig here in Edinburgh but a pal and my cousin were unable to get me a ticket.

In fact my pals sister had spare tickets but by the time my pal had got to her she’d given them all away :a:

BY the way I heard the RHCP I Feel Love on the radio, thought it was class :thumb:

Too bad none of you guys got to see them live, they were truly fantastic! Me and my little sis took a flight to Dublin and went to the concert there. But I wanted to go to the Hyde Park concert, too bad everything got sold out so quick :frowning:
Next time I see them I hope I’ll be on the oter side of the atlantic (L.A. maybe? :beam: :thumb:)

My mate got me a hyde park ticket for my birthday! How cool is that? OMG they rocked so much i’m using the term ‘They rocked’.

Nice bday present! :beam: :thumb: