RHCP Today!

Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to Omaha, NE. I live in Lincoln, NE, less than an hour drive away. I am going and I’m totally pumped. I haven’t been to a concert since november. Too long!!


cool, im heading over to ticket master to see if they have any in my area.

where do you live?

kirupa forums…

LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

they dont have any concerts for where i live

well you can tell me where you live dude, i’m not going to stalk you. i know better than to stalk 16 year old boys. haha

He lives in Kirupa Forums!


slowly turns green with envy

gotta wait for the summer for the Chilis supported by Foos, Queens of the stoneage and rumours of PJ Harvey also. Can’t wait.

that show was sooo great. it was like one giant neverending musical orgasm. queens of the stoneage opened and they sucked so bad. oh my god, they need to start sounding like they’re actually singing.

anthony is a ****ing maniac. i have never seen someone who can jump so much and shake their booty so much in two hours as him.

woooooooo go the chilis!!

i saw them in hmmmm when was it? tries to find old ticket stub november last year in sydney, that kicked a s s :slight_smile:

definitely worth the money if you aren’t sure about it.

Just remember, in the end it doesnt even matter.