Rikiwaka's intro

hello here is my intro for aids awareness …

music or sound will be added soon … :mu:


critics are welcome …

nice one! :slight_smile:

Ohhh, we have a WINNER!!!

Lol, that is very nice… good job. :thumb:

simple yet pretty effective. I have to say, some of the typography is shocking, but it doesn’t really detract.

w00t! very nice!!! :smiley:

:slight_smile: yeah! it’s very nice!! :slight_smile:

this is the best one I’ve seen so far =]
One thing, the phrase “Are you sure to be protected?” seems a bit awkward.
maybe just “are you protected?” or "are you sure that you are protected?"
just my $0.02.

I agree with drew.

Nice job. Also, the word spacing on the last bit looks a little weird.

Great jorb!! Except I think it isn’t quite 30 seconds long

just a one word “best”

yup also lovin it!

thanks for all critics …
and thanks for the correction of my english grammar… ( I usually speek french) :blush:
i’m working on the sound …

ok the sound is on …

Dude, this is great. The sound does flow with this intro completely.

I suggest making it more “in your face” because it is an issue that affects us all.

It’s great man!

When you mentioned you speak french, I looked at your location and you’re in Brussels!

That’s my capital!

Belgium ownz! :love:

:thumb: :beam:

edit: if I’d been smart, I could’ve gotten it from the .be link as well.

…but I’m not :beam:

Very nice job!

I like it alot… Simple but very effective.

You make the music for it?

At first I thought it was the drumline to Rolling Stones “Please allow me to introduce myself” I almost shat my pants… That would of been fly. (meaning the music, not the shat) :p:

nicely done but i think the theme should be about aids awareness (?).

A simple piece of great work…
nice work dude!!!