wellt his is one of my first major sit down trace thing it took me two hours to do tell me if u like it:bounce:

cool man, nice tracing :slight_smile:
the colors don’t look like gundamishh tho :slight_smile: lol

man i respect you if you traced that by hand… i guess a 3D model full of extrusions would be much easier to use and export to flash…

yeah man…that is incredible. but i too dont really think the colours fit. but otehrwise i now have respect for the ammount of paticence that must have taken!

[color=darkblue]Really nice man… Coodos ! :thumb:[/color]

I think it sucks,

Look at those colors
DAMM, Did you have to have green
Well, there atleased nothing wrong with the robot.

i’m not sure if that’s trying to be a joke, if it is then it’s in poor taste

and if you’re not joking then that’s even worse
saying that it sucks isn’t very nice to begin with, and you haven’t really offered anything new with your post, as other people already commented on the colour without being so offensive…

try to be constructive, and if you don’t like something, either keep it to yourself or phrase it in a friendlier way and offer some suggestions :slight_smile:

try not to comment me on my style

look, I Just don’t like the green

cuts the tension with a knife

Group hug! :beam:

  • Soul :s:

thanks soul, i think we needed that…

i’m sorry :love:


Hehe soul forever the peacemaker :wink:

I try :beam:

I must say… for Tracing thats good… I am just not a fan of tracing at all…