Roll Over Transistion From One Image To Another

I’m having difficulties with something that ‘seems’ simple enough.

I have a graphical flash feature on the homepage. You can roll over a block that makes an image appear specific to it’s block subject.

Well, what I’d REALLY like is when the cursor rolls over each block, that a mask effect occurs from the image previously rolled over into the new one.

I’m sure it involves variables but I need a bit of a head start if anyone is able to assist?

thank you so much in advance for assistance!

I’m having trouble uploading my fla. the limit is too low and i can’t get my flash file any more compressed :confused: sigh!

here is some code i have on my roll over blocks:


I figured if I tried to swap depths, the mask transistion that is currently inside a movie clip woudl play and transition to the depth swapped. but it doesn’t.