Rollover conflicts... i feel stupid

okay, i put this in actionscript forum because I’d like to find a nice, clean way to maybe script this…

I want to have an image with a rollover effect. when you rollover it a small button will appear (alpha fade in) on top of the image on the lower right. (the button will allow you to click and switch the image essentially).

when you roll off the image the little button should alpha fade away and hide itself.

since the button is on top of the image and they share the same pixels effectively, i’m getting rollOver, rollOut conflicts. in other words you cannot roll onto the little button that appears without triggering the rollOut function which corresponds to the image/clip the little button sits on top of.

so my button strobes when you attempt to mouse over it.

I’m thinking i can use mouse _x and _y or getBounds to determine if the user mouses over the little button along with onEnterFrame or set interval or something but i’m not sure how something like that would look.

any advice? should be easy… brain’s kinda fried