Simple Question, please help :(

Sorry if i post too much, and some of it seems for no cause.
But this is a question i really need help on (For real).

I’m making a banner where when you put the mouse over this button another image appears in a different location.

And it works, but the image that appears also appears when i’m over the image that appears:o. Even when it isn’t there yet!

If you can understand that please reply. :slight_smile:

Select your image and hit F8 and make it in a new movie clip. Make the first frame and empty keyframe and have the image be in the second frame. Both frames should contain stop(); actions.

on your button add this script

on (rollOver){
on (rollOut){

That should work.

You replied very fast, but
it didn’t work.
I think it’s me.
Or maybe it some other code
in my flash thingy.

Is there another way of doing this?

I tried it again and it works, but the image doesn’t appear at all.
But it plays the sound that happens when you over over the button.

The example I gave you required that you give your Movie Clip that contained your image be on the stage at the spot you wanted and given the instance name of “imageClip” (without quotes).

To give it an instance name simply right click on the clip, and choose “Properties”, then where it says instance name, give it the name.

If you did that, it should have worked perfectly.

<B>EDIT:</B> It also assumes your clip is on the main stage (aka _root)


I tried it again and it’s the same.

I see what the code to the button is suppose to do, and understand how everything you said works, but it didn’t work again.

I may find this out myself, but if you can think of something else to say about it please do.

Hmmm, I don’t see any reason why that shouldn’t work.

Do you have multiple instances of on(rollOver) and on(rollOut) on your button? If you do , this could cause conflict. You should always have only one of each if any at all. You probably do only have one, but I really don’t understand why it isn’t working.

oh i just thought about something!!

The image that appears has a motion tween on it to fade from the alpha 0 to 100. and you told me to put the action stop on it.

Is that it?
If i’m wrong can i attach my file and you look at it yourself?

another update on it.

Now it appears when i’m over the image that appears, and not the button any more.

Ok, well if it is a fade animation, then you should use gotoAndPlay instead of gotoAndStop.

I have included a .zip file of what I think you are trying to do. It contains the .fla only.

I hope it helps.

Update! Update!

I got it working, but i didn’t download that fla of yours,

I just got rid of this frame and some actions i had that had no purpose.
Werid, but works now.

Thanx =)