Rollover sound for a button


ok i need quick help i have 4 buttons they dont go anywhere well one opens a html page.(this is an intro for a website)

so heres what it looks like

    Button         Button

    Button         Button

on roll over a sound(4 sounds 1-1 button) plays and if any sound is playing that stops. please check to see if my code is cool. also should the sound clip be on stage or is it fine in library i changed the linkage to export.

----so on the buttons i have---------------

on (rollOver) {

----and the one for web link i have--------

on (release) {
getURL (“”, “_self”);

on (rollOver) {

also ive been trying to figure out the code to stop the mouse from turning into a hand, do i have to change the pointer into a cutom pointer that looks like the same pointer? if so how do i do that. maby i should just set a custome pointer for the hole project.mmm.

ok so that didnt work, no sound plays i think i need an if statement.

what i think is happening is that the stopallsound is overriding the sound.

i tryed 3 things

  1. having sound in button on overstate
    = sound wont stop if stated as a loop
  2. having sound in button on overstate + stop code in actions of button on stage
    = no sound at all
  3. having sound linked throught button with script on stage + stopallsound
    =no sound

i dont know the code for an if statement althought ill look for it in a book please help if can, oh and the this.useHandCursor = false; dosnt work im using flash 8 and exporting to mac projector (my pc sound isnt behaving)
i dont know i tryed thinking it over and cant figure it out, please help.
all i want is 4 buttons when you go over one it loops a sound clip till you go over a different one than that loops.