Rotate, Rinse, Repeat...Can you rotate images using html?

Hello all,

Some I’m slicing up some layouts and again I run into the problem of not knowing how to rotate some sliced jpegs. If you look at the image below you’ll see how I sliced the image. To keep the file size down I only want to use slices 4 and 5 but I can’t figure out how to rotate them to create the four corners of the frame. Does anyone know how to do this.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Open it in photoshop, flip horizontally, flip vertically :wink:

You’re kidding right? lol :whistle:

dusts off Javascript for Dummies

For clarification I only want to use slices 4 and 5 (see the image above) in the html document but I want to use several versions of them all but just have them rotated or flipped. Can this be done using html? If yes how? Should this be done using Javascipt? If yes how? :d:

Please someone point me in the right direction 'cause I’m lost. :crying: :cyclops:

thinks… ‘where the heck is DDD?’

Why do you need to do it in JS or HTML?

Why not just do it in an image editor program?

He wants to keep the file size down ethan.
CG, I think it miiiiight be possible with css or maybe JS, but I doubt it would be cross browser friendly, and it might lose some quality, it might just be better to use different images.

file size down? what are we talking about here? a total savings of like 15k?

That’s what I was thinking too.

scratches head This is frustrating because I know that it’s probably not that difficult and I could use the extra 15kb I’ll gain for some more cool shat.

Please keep the ideas comin’. Maybe I’ll just re-slice it in a more efficent manner.

15kb matters to people on dial up.

the extra 15kb I’ll gain for some more cool shat

how would you use 15kb for cool shat? seriously, even on dial-up 15kb don’t matter when they have to load a whole page anyway. that’s like taking away a sand-grain to make the beach smaller cos it’s taking too much space.

there is a way…

you can also apply the style=FILTER: part of the code in imgs, tables, etc.

[blur]check the source for this text[/blur]

whoha, half those filters I didn’t even know existed

that just sounded wrong, grammatically I mean

still grammatically correct, you just have the words mixed around…

“I didn’t even know half those filters existed”

talk like yoda you do?

Yeah those are all great and all considering 100% of your users use IE 5.5+ (I think that’s the cut off at least)
Anyhow, if you want something crossbrowser compatible that’s not going to be a route you’ll want to take. Not a single one of those filters works in mozilla based browsers.

Well, he’s in the right mindset having to use multiple instances of the same image instead of one big one. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice, or just use Flash.

Bill, you’re seriously not spending this much time to save 15k load time right?

[ot]what would **you **do for a klondike bar?[/ot]

How big do you guys make your pages? If you have 20 pages or so that are 100kb+ then that’s a lot of waiting for our poor dial up friends.

You can do a lot with 15kb if you’re creative.

Thanks thorphies.

Ethan it’s not just about the 15kb that I could save for this page. It’s about the 15kb that I could possibly save on future pages. A lot of people do still have dial up ya know. <insert winky>

Pretty much anything that breathes, or once did.

the amount of time it would take to take that image and flip it using the code would equal or be greater than actually reloading the image…imho

and to reuse the image - same deal.