Rotating Cicle Menu... HELP :O!

Hello everyone, nice to finally be a part of the forums :slight_smile: been a user for a while now and I’ve found so many helpful guides. welldone to all you nice people putting in the time :slight_smile:

I am currently trying to make a rotating circular menu.
I have ended up with 8 rectangles based evenly over the circle, these are the buttons.
I am trying to make it work so that each time you click a button the circle of rectangles will rotate till the button you have clicked is in the top middle (if it isn’t already).

So far I have made all the different ways it will animate, made a label layer and all.
Layer1 = Labels
Layer2 = txt boxes
Layer3 = Movie Clip
I have made it so each time one button is at the top the txt boxes change to what any other button clicked would have to play.

The code I have on each button is:
on (press){
telltarget (_root.menuclip) {
**=the name of the text box, each buttons code is asigned to a different text box.

I think it is something to do with the loading of the page like caching the txt boxes first values or something, they change fine and all as I have them viewable as I’m in the testing stage :slight_smile:

So all that happens at the moment is the movie starts, I select any button I want and it does what it’s meant to, but when that plays out no button will do anything after it.

Any help please?