Rpg code updating

I havent loaded up flash in awhile, and decided recently to recode my rpg using AS3. My rpg was done using Macromedia Flash 4, so my code may look alittle primitive lol. Im wanting some insight on which AS3 code would be most effecient by example. I assume by looking at other posts you no longer need to use _root. infront of everything. Some formulas are listed below, just wanting AS3 examples of them.

Ingame Bank Code Snippet

//bank talky snippet

_root.txt = “Welcome, how may I help you today?”

//bank deposit button formula snippet

_root.BankGP = _root.BankGP + _root.DepositAmt
_root.GP = _root.GP - _root.DepositAmt
_root.txt = “Your current balance is” + _root.BankGP + “gold.”

//bank withdraw button formula snippet

_root.BankGP = _root.BankGP - _root.WithdrawAmt
_root.GP = _root.GP + _root.WithdrawAmt
_root.txt = “Your current balance is” + _root.BankGP + “gold.”

Inn code snippet

InnCost = 5

//Inn talky snippet
_root.txt = “Hello, rooms are 5 gold. Would you like to stay?”

//Inn stay button snippet
_root.HP = _root.MaxHP
_root.MP = _root.MaxMP
_root.GP = _root.GP - _root.InnCost
_root.txt = “Please come again.”

//Inn leave button snippet
_root.txt = “Have a nice day.”

Like I said code probably looks primitive compared to AS used today, I have Flash 9 on order and was just looking for few examples in AS3 so my game would be more effecient code wise and I assume less lines of code which would reduce my file size. any examples would be greatly appreciated so I could convert my other systems to AS3…

List of systems in my rpg

bank system
battle system
character system
event system
guild system
inventory system (text based)
levelup system
monster system
party system
quest system
store system
talk system
timed event system

list of systems planned

crafting system
house system
inventory system (gui based)
loot system
mail system

list of graphical work in my rpg (all graphics by me using mspaint)

sprites - hero
sprites - items
sprites - monster
sprites - npc
tiles - worldmap
tiles - towns
tiles - caves
tiles - dungeons
windows - all shops, etc

offline rpg atm but reading a good book on XML and thinking of weaving AS3 with XML and maybe PHP to create an online version. Its actually a good read, but uses AS2 anyway book is “XML in Flash, ISBN 0-672-32315-X”.