RSS Feed works in Flash IDE only

Hi everyone,

this is actually my very first post on Kirupa. I’d need some help with this RSS feeds I’m tryin to read via Flash. This is driving me crazy…

I made this BlogFeed.swf file.
Everything works just fine in Flash IDE. It loads the XML, renders it, displays fine and that’s it: the world is filled with love and data.

The problem occurs when I try to use my swf online.

Here’s the scenario:

[COLOR=DarkRed]SERVER A (Altervista)[/COLOR]
hosts the swf file, trying to read the RSS Feed from…
[COLOR=DarkRed]SERVER B (my client’s server)[/COLOR]
serves the RSS Feed of his blog

[ things I already tryed ]
1) I wrote a crossdomain.xml file (allowing [COLOR=DarkRed]SERVER B[/COLOR] domain to access the swf), place it at the same level of the swf file on [COLOR=DarkRed]SERVER A[/COLOR];
2) Set [COLOR=Blue]"*")[/COLOR] in the flash file
3) checked on both servers the server-to-server permissions (Altervista lets you do this via its own control panel; the client’s server needed me to email the support: did it and they allowed me to connect)
4) moved the swf on [COLOR=DarkRed]ANOTHER[/COLOR] server, on which I am completely sure that server-to-server communications are allowed, since I already did something like that.

Nothing changes: always getting the ■■■■ [COLOR=Blue]HTTPStatus[COLOR=Black] = 0[/COLOR][/COLOR] and no items are shown.

What I really don’t understand is why it does work from Flash IDE connecting to [COLOR=DarkRed]SERVER B[/COLOR] and it fails (with NO [COLOR=Blue]IOError[/COLOR] and [COLOR=Blue]HTTPStatus[/COLOR] = 0, so no debug hints at all…) when I use it in server-to-server mode.

I would really appreciate any help!