Saddam Captured!

Your thoughts?
Will attacks end? Will opposition soften up? Is He a double or the real thing?

the stange thing is, if US government had admitted the truth it may have had a better effect on iraqi/US relations as it would have shown that people are cooperating with the US.

great link phil, strangely it goes some way to proving a point i was making about mossads involvment in iraq a while ago.

As i said mossad have been tracking and tailing saddam for years they could have whacked him long ago, but truth be known it served them to leave him in power, with him there they know the USA will have to invade evetnually and now israel have an ally right next door…

Mossad are one of the most dubious clandestine groups in the world, and it does not suprise me AT ALL to find out they were involved.

I love the pice in that article where mossad agent was asked why they didnt tell the coalition directly of their info on saddam there reply was pathetic made me laugh

“For political reasons, we had not been formally invited to join the party,” said a source close to Meir Dagan.

Mossad – not for the first time – decided to keep to itself the information it was gleaning from the surveillance of Samira. But on Thursday, December 11, that changed.

The Mossad team picked up a conversation between Samira and the man they were now certain was Saddam. He told her he would meet her close to the Syrian border. Details of the meeting were enough to have the Israelis finally alert Washington.

so i wonder what bargain/reward mossad got for this info when in truth they could have helped years ago and hed have been got rid of a **** sight quicker