Saddam Hussein HACKED

I thought this was hillarious…

Saddam’s Inbox Hacked! [Uros “2Lions” Jojic] 9:15pm(GMT)
HAHAHA! This is just funny as hell! Wired News is reporting that Saddam Hussein’s email account ([email protected]) has been hacked into.

Saddam’s Chief Adviser: Sir, we got another alarming report! It is the same message again! “Enlarge your cock! Grow 3” in two days!"

Saddam: Hassan, look up the word - cock! What are they saying? Is that possible?!

Saddam’s Chief Adviser: Sir, they seem to be referring to a rooster! A fighting rooster! War! Clearly, this is a coded message!

Saddam’s Chief Adviser: I think it is a coded message, Sir! This message seems to be in close connection with “!” coded messages we’ve been getting for the past couple of weeks!

Obviously, they must be referring to a new type of spy plane! War is upon us, they’re growing cocks and developing teen pink!

Saddam: Yes, it must be so! It says here “HOT SPY CAM PICS!” They are on to us! Quickly, restart the computer!

Saddam’s Chief Adviser: It is not responding, Sir! It is asking us to JOIN NOW! first!

Saddam: We will never join west! Never! HAHAHA! They can bring their cocks and teen pink but we will not succumb!

I got the story from ActionTrip under october 28 news :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

thats sweet:P :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Peace :cowboy: