Safaris latest change in url path search, suggesting iTunes items at the very top.

This upset me.

Doing a url-path search on safari - iphone mobile, the app suggests iTunes items at the very top. (In desktop safari, it suggests news(?))

The very intent of doing an internet search has nothing to do with apples products. These are two very separate things. (The desktop choice of suggesting news is just confusing).

It is difficult for me to define what precisely is so wrong with this move. It is not fair play, they hijack my internet habits, it just feels wrong.

What rule did they break in SEO terms?

Reading up on this, it seems to be a long term strategy from apple to change the way we think about searching the internet.

By mixing up local data with external data on all available searchoptions on a mac or iphone, they are trying to redefine and manage/control our searches. Apple offers Siri, safari and spotlight. All of these search-options target our behaviour, which is fine.

The vision however seems to be, that if an apple consumer for example search for something, he/she should be able to pay and play some of the searches directly on the apple tv, buy a Prince record or download a new app.

The main problem for someone like me, is that Im not mainly an apple consumer, I work on the mac because I have to. Even so, having a mac would not define me as an appstore/itunes-costumer when I do internet searches.

This seriously puts doubt on safari searches . Now I don’t trust safari-searches anymore and have consequently hidden the apps on mobile and mac. (they are not delete-able)

There is another potential side to it: user-friendliness :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a Mac almost exclusively, and I can see where they are coming from. If I am searching for a movie, seeing the first couple of links related to me buying it on iTunes and playing it on my Apple TV seems like the most consumer-friendly option. Yes, it does change user behavior a bit, but I don’t think it is a bad thing!

I’m fine with apple doing what they want with their browser. It is in no way surprising they have a wish to box in the user experience and enhance any recycling process there is.

Any internet search would be filtered in one way or the other. By user profile, consumer profiling, habits, location, etc. In this case I’m thinking in terms of open or closed systems. Human versus consuman… I want to choose what is open and human friendly. If the app is profiling me, I want the app to be sensitive for what I want, not what the app want.

I don’t use spotlight much, mainly because it is slow and doesn’t show what I want. I turned of Siri since all it did was calling people from my pocket, or autoactivated and phoned people during running excersises, not sure why? I do use spotlight occasionally for simple math or to open applications I don’t have in my dock. The functionality of these features is weak, but I’m fine with them and never ever felt that I needed to remove them or delete them from the system. Siri was easy to inactivate and its a good idea. Nothing wrong there. Too bad Siri doesn’t work for everyone.

Not being able to delete Safari from iphone or mac, made me want to change OS.

I have an ipad I havent looked at in a while to see what you are talking about, but it sounds maddening. I do not like moves like that