Sample - need comments

Thanks guys for help!

I hv enclosed the sample of my project. Pls look into this and tell me whether it is alright.

I want the pictures and text to come on stage with an animation.
Can I animate the pictures and text in separate movie clips
and bring the mcs on frames?

Thanks once again.

Looks ok, I like the buttons :smiley:

I’ve made a small mod to it to give you an idea…


This looks great. I will complete the work and put it here again.

I wanted the snow effect in the background. I downloaded the tut from In the tutorial, it is said to create a separate *.fla file. I don’t know how to that file insert it here.
Any ideas? Pls help.

Where’s that tutorial?

Lemme know and I’ll have a look but I make snow using actionscript … look ok in the end :slight_smile:

The tut is in this site only. It is in Flash MX/Special effects.

Give me ur script also. I will try.


I get it… it says create a new movie assuming you haven’t already got one :stuck_out_tongue:

That code is a LOT nicer than mine!

Just follow the instructions and you’ll be ok :slight_smile: