Samsung Phone People

Hey folks,

I just got me a Samsung SGH-t519 which is a pretty sweet phone for how much I paid for it. I’m curious though, and I figure you geniuses can answer this. I finally got my bluetooth to work and when I transfer an mp3 song from my mac onto my phone and try to play it in the music player it tells me that it’s an unsupported format. Which obviously it’s not, there’s an mp3 that came with the phone that works. Also I tried a few different songs and none work.

Anyway I think I might need to just invest in the Micro SD card but I’m strapped for cash for a couple of weeks so I’m curious if it’s possible to make this work and I’m overlooking something somewhere. Anyone with a recent bluetooth enabled Samsung phone can probably answer this, I doubt there’s any difference with how that works between most models.

Thanks if anyone has any info, I can’t find anything online or in the book it came with.