Save a child's life!

Im going to kill myself if I dont figure this out.

Why would my text not show with a code like this:

				boxBtnTxt = boxBtn.createTextField("boxBtnTxt"+Item, Item+7, Item*95+10, 398, 89, 20);
				var btnFmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
				btnFmt.font = "Frobisher";
				btnFmt.size = 30;
				btnFmt.color = 0xFF0000;
				boxBtnTxt.embedFonts = true;
				boxBtnTxt.antiAliasType = "normal";
				boxBtnTxt.text = box.boxName;
				boxBtnTxt.autoSize = "left";
				boxBtnTxt.selectable = false;

It’s inside a for loop. If I put embedFonts = false; it shows! What am I doing wrong???