School! :(

I’m impressed… but I’d be the best in my school too if it weren’t for the… wait, I am the best :stuck_out_tongue:

but nobody else reallys does design in my school so that’s why :smiley:

I’m starting college on september 7th… for graphic design… seneca college in toronto (york u. more specificly … but no stalking b!tches! :D)

I get fridays off :D:D:D
my classes are:

English (the no-credit course cause I messed up on my pre-school testing :()
Software Training 1
Typography 1
Color Theory
Visualy Fundementals

Looks like I’m getting my life straighted out… and it sounds FUN FUN FUN!!! :b:

My Schedule:

German I
Biology Honors
Geometry (Normal class for my grade is Algebra)
English Honors
World History

(I’m in 9th grade)

No computer classes for me either. :frowning: Not enough space in my schedule.

Lucky for you guys who know what your classes are. I don’t get my schedule until the first day of school, and it will probably be screwed up like it always is. But allwell, school is school, but lunchtime is what I really look forward to.

I’d post my schedule but with 13 hours of class per week there isn’t much to show :beam:

How does the american school system work? Dont you get to pick your own subjects?
Im currently in Year 11 but school works here by you as the student picking the subject. I have 6 periods a day and my subjects are:

  • Legal Studies
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Studies of Religion
  • English Advanced
  • Information Processes and Technology
  • Information Technology

and we have 1 to 2 study periods on some school days for catching up on work.

you have to take core classes such as english, math, science, history, then in my school you get to choose some electives, which can either be totatlly blow-offs (like teen skills) or something you actually have to work for, like latin or health…

We’re required to take health.

we have to take it by the time we graduate :wink: along with speech

lol im not nearly the best…too much video games :hugegrin:

oh yeah something i forgot…
the teacher for the computer classes found out about Flash, and then asked if i knew anything about it…hehe…
i showed her something i threw together in about 5 minutes, and she was impressed…if she only knew how easy it was
i actually forgot to add that i am taking, basically, a n00b computer class, just because this way i wont be in a study…if the teacher can convince our cheap*** school to get flash, i may be teaching the class on Flash…

in my school, you need (out of 4 years)
English 4 years
Math 3 years
Social Studies (history) 3 years
Science 3 years
Foreign language 3 years (i think)

but ill probably do math, science and french 4 years
AP history is the highest history class in my school, so ill be done with that

oh and 4 years gym/health

School over there definitely blows then :wink:

our school system does (i’m in yr 12) all the pressure (mainly from parents / some teachers) with the hsc once you hit year 12 you have to get every assesment task done on time / go good in it, so start managing your time now, i wish i did.

btw i’m doing:

Mathematics (advanced)
Advanvced English
Business Studies
Infomation and Technology (vet)
Studies of Religion

i’m going really good in IT(1st), Business studies(2nd) and Studies of religion(10th out of about 68)
average in everything else except chem.(but it wont count in my uni appications)
–still need my trial exams results though sso things could change–

only got a couple of weeks left , then a month of exams :frowning:

then a few months off before UNI starts, where i hope to do Computer science AND EITHER creative arts :graphic design -New Media OR Commerce: management.

Yeh but comparing ours to theres, ours is a but easier and more relaxful. We get to choose our subjects while they get to but some of their subjects are compulsory and ours arent. Those subjects your doing is just what what friend is doing now. Not sure if hes dropping one but it would be wise if hes not going good in it or didnt like it from the start. You actually know your 10th in Studies of Re? Lolz, my studies of religion class is a total bludge. Weve been doing nothing but copying overheads but all we do is other subject work especially maths. Havent been going good with maths. Ive of course passed all the assesment tasks but the marks fall way below my standards.

Well its no wonder youve picked physis and chemistry, your doing computer science. But have somewhat similarities as you do. Ill pick a creative arts course (visual communications I think its called or some other branch) and some field in commerce.

we still have compulsary english (SOR or catholic studies and Maths [for yr 11 at my school] ) :stuck_out_tongue: , plus at my school there wasn’t the best selection of subjects, no software design / development running only 5 people wanted to do it :frowning:

studies of religion is an easy subject and last time i checked i was 10th but the marks are close and we just had our trials and haven’t got our marks back… (i stuffed up a 7 mark question so i could drop) our school suposbly gets the best marks in the state for SOR.

And i wish i chose IPAT over chemistry, but i enjoy chemistry just no too good at it.

a the moment for IT were are doing our multimedia projects and i got drafted to re-build the schools website which is realy badly designed (i’m making a fully working flash version, using xml and html “pop ups” for things like galleries and such because the teacher whom updates it isn’t to good with web design.

Yeh but english being compulsory is expected. My school has a good number of students doing s&d so thats not a problem. The problem was that there might have been a concern for IPT which alot of students didnt pick since it deals more about the theory behind it. There are bringing some sort of web/graphic design course next year for the upcoming yr11 which im dissapointed with. Anyway, good luck with the hsc :wink:

thnx, a web deisng / grpahic course would be good, a guy in my year for Visual Arts, is doing most of the work in photoshop / illistrator as weelll as doing some painting and stuff, it should be good.

Great to hear :wink: But ive realised about taking the path of web/graphic design, it will be a bumpy ride and not so smooth at all. Its not going to be something like you can work and then just shut down and go to sleep or take your eyes off the work, its going to be rough sailing but then again, as you build your skills and create work worth looking at, then it balances the ride I guess. What school do you come from btw?

Holy Spirit College (in the northen suburbs of wolongong)

and you?

i really want to get int game design or programing but web design is something i find fun for the moment and a way for me to get marks in UNI.

st. marys cathedral college sydney.