School! :(

so I had to go to the “hill country hello” today and I got to see my schedule… take a look:

american history
speech - sem2
teen skills - sem1
pe - sem1
health - sem2
algebra (highest for my grade)
honors english

they didn’t give me any computer class!!! :frowning:

so instead I’m gonna take a class correspondence at the local community college

btw, I’m in eigth grade…

8th grade, man those were the days, days I don’t miss at all.

Wow those classes really blow… I’m just kidding, hey, you got an Honors class!

Make sure you take as many computer classes as you can in High School to make up for these.

yeah I know, they really suck, but luckily I am taking college courses at the same time too make up for it though…

what the heck is a “teen skills” class?!

Im wondering the same :puzzled:

teen skills? what does that even mean?

in the spirit of classes starting, i’ll also post my schedule:
-Business Law 2
-Business Management Policies
-Web Design 1 (haha… excellent)

such is the life of an accounting major.

teen skills is some blow off class I didn’t sign up for where you learn to cook and so :huh:

teen skills is some blow off class I didn’t sign up for where you learn to cook and sew :huh:

i wonder if “teen skills” is “life management”

I wonder if “teen skills” also teaches how to not double post :wink:


sound more like a home ec type class to me anyway yeah I have to go to school next week hopefully I can at least get some decent computer classes this year last year for the freshman there was only typing and powerpoint availible.:-/

fixed the double post, sorry, the first had a typo and appearently stop doesn’t work if you do it too late :smiley:

I guess teen skills is a bit like life management

teen skills, sounds…interesting…??.. :sleep:

j/k, I had a similar class when I was in 7th grade, I sucked at that class :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, I didn’t even list it on the possible alternative electives I wanted… I don’t know how I got that instead of the one computer class they now offer (went from 5 to 1) which was the number one choice elective :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i am going in to to 10th grade

Yeah, school definately blows. I go back on September 2nd, thank god, so I have another week or two left before hell begins…Then it’s fun time!!! I’m taking 4 computer classes and a study hall, so I get to work on web design and everything for half a day, and then the other classes are easy. I’d take some internet language courses if the guy who teaches them didn’t suck. I had him last year…I’m not going to go into details. Too idiotic to mention.

Wow I didn’t know you werre so young, congradulations on the honors and college courses! It’s sad that you seem more mature than me, and your in 8th grade…

thanks :smiley:

and yeah… math seems to be in my genes :wink: everybody in my family has had honors math from the start…

and yeah… this is gonna be my first college credit, my dad suggested possibly getting a degree before graduating high-school but that is really not even something I’m considering… but man that would look good on my transcript :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, just wait till AP History
im taking it this year
im a junior in HS
and i have to take notes on EVERY paragraph of 8 chapters that i can use ont he test the first day of school

my schedule is something like…

Honors English
AP History
Honors Pre-Calc
Honors Chemistry
Honors French 4

the first 4 and last 1 are they highest classes availiable in my grade…

oh and last year i got the Suma Cum Laude award for Web Page Design
which means my teacher says im the best in the school:nerd:

the only comp class left is hardware software design which is like A+ certification, but b/c of french i couldn’t take it

hey good luck with the honors math…
in my school system there are no honors classes until 9th grade…
they’re all kinda mixed, but smart kids end up w/ smart kids…etc…but they aren’t supposed to be any hard