Sci-Fi Musicland Extravaganza!

Still in the development stages, throw me a bone and tell me what you think! Make sure you check out the music section - pretty cool tunes.

thanks a load!

out of this world. the little intro looks great, though there’s no real reason for it other than looks. the animations are really nice. the colors are all over the place but somehow i think it works. keep it up. can’t wait to see a finished version.

nice backgrounds, I really like the overall “feeling” too. Sorry, but I’m not a fan of the music, it’s not my bag. (I’m more into the angst driven depressing alternative music, mentioned in the news box :thumb: ) Good luck though, and the little messages in the audio samples are funny/a good idea.

The intro is good but its cut too short in my opinion, you see the characters beeming down and then in a split second everything is over. You’ve used some nice graphics on your site with some very eye catching effects. Only suggestion I can make is to add some transitions to top the site off.

Great work!