Scottys resize viewer hybrid

I posted this in the thread located in “Best of Kirupa” but I decided to make it a job offer. I can offer my logo services to anyone who can do this or I can slide that person a lil money by way of paypal. I prefer to swap services. Could be a good chance for some one to get a logo for cheap :beam:. I tried myslef but quickly made a mess of the situation.

anyway here it is:
It is part of this thread…

Hello all

Is anyone interested in helping out a poor AS challenged soul? I want to mix JerryJ’s version with the Lacotweens, next/previous buttons and thumbs on the bottom (that follow the resize) with Stalkers version with with the ability to have more than one Gallery with one XML and scrolling thumbnails. If need be I am willing to pay a small amount. you can see them here:

Please help if ya can.

I forgot to add that I would like to be able to load the buttons for the multiple buttons galleries like this dudes so it would be a 3 way hybrid. All the code is there I am guessing just gotta put them together. :thumb2:

Holla here on by PM if interested.