Screen shot of a flash movie from within flash?

Two questions… first: is it possible to take a “screen shot” of a flash movie scene from within flash actionscript?

second question: if so, does that take the entire flash stage, or just what is physically visible on screen?

what i would like to do is be able to have flash somehow take a container screen shot of the entire movie and save it as a picture (for emailing purposes). is this possible?


go to

and search for 'Screen Thief" - you can take screen shots with this…


I didn’t think there was, but my boss insisted i find out as it would “make things so much easier”. rolls eyes :slight_smile:

maybe if you describe exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, we could discuss alternatives.

WEEELLLL I’m designing a very complicated drag and drop “design your own building” program… and anyways, so the user builds this building, yay. I know how to send values of the drag and dropped things (such as x and y cords, x and y scale, that sorta thing) to ASP so flash can then email the “big boss” who’s paying for this project… anyways the problem lies in… who knows where 243.2 x cordinate is without looking at the program…?

MY suggestion to this problem was to store all the relevant values into a database and then write a “decoder” program if you will, which would call forth those values and place the said drag and dropped items in their proper locations so that the people building the actual building know what the building looks like. as it is currently they’re just going to have a bunch of useless coordinates.

hmm… what would happen if you fscommand to send a print command to your browser? I think it would print the content of your movie. Right? The trick would be to make sure your movie is set up with the right colors, but I think that would work. If you want to get ambitious (I think you already are), you could print to a pdf and email it.

Printing a pdf would be great, though wouldn’t they need adobe for that? (this would be used from the client end of things.

assuming that pdfs would not be necessarily viable, and as i’m unfamiliar with fscommand, how would you print it out? worst case scenario i suppose people could adobe it if they have adobe or print and fax it otherwise… i will see what my boss thinks of that idea. thank you :slight_smile:

Well… I put a whole slew of things here…

you can also try the print command in Flash…

I believe the syntax is print(“mc”,“argument”);

arguments are bmovie, bmax and bmin…

check out your reference. The deal here is that this prints out your movie clip within a specified bounding box. However, I dont know what results it will produce, because it essentially tries to print out all frames, or specific frames. There is also a printasbitmap that may be useful…

If it works, you can send me a tshirt!


one more thing…

if you decide for other methods, like fscommand or GetURL then you would combine with javascript, to tell your browser to print the page.

Why don’t you store all the information in databases, and offer another mode to the user, where he can enter some data, and get the corresponding image ? That should be doable.

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That’s what he/she suggested to the boss, and what i’d do to.
I just has another thought though: wouldn’t it be possible to just store the coord’s data in a txt file as vars, and retrieve them with a MX swf, to redraw the building using the new drawing api?..should be possible…if you code really well!

Wow that last one was a lot to digest for such a short post lol. Not sure exactly how I would do that. I would like to think I code well lol but I am still new. I have created this incredibly complex program so far, so if i could figure out how to do that it might be interesting.

here’s some XPriments using the drawing API…might help :wink:

Did a quick search over at Flashkit, didn’t look at the code, looks interesting!?…/index.php

Wow ! That guy at pixelogic sure knows how to script… :eek:
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What about your math magic?
where’s the results, hombre :slight_smile:

//ca va sinon, ca fait un bail!? exams?

Actually, they show how you can do the same thing, but I haven’t read all of it (far from it actually). Sinon, ça va, mais c’est plutôt toi qui es parti pendant longtemps… Au fait, tu fais quoi ces temps-ci ? Ca te dirait de prendre un verre avant mon départ définitif de la France (dans moins d’une semaine maintenant…) ?

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