Screen size and activation problems

Okay here’s the details

The website where it’s uploaded already is If anyone needs the Flash file I can email them it.


The page dimensions are out of whack. Height is 2 tall, and the width is too short

What is the easiest way to fix both?

  1. Apparantly I inserted the sound clip the wrong way. It only plays till the page is loaded and then stops. How dow I get it to play for as long as you are on the page, or at least for the first 30 secs? Do I do the following:…

… Create a movie clip, with the sound clip embedded in it, and then import that
movie clip onto the timeline. I could avoid writing actionscript by only having the
clip last for 30 secs, before fadding out, then people wouldn’t need the sound off
button :pleased: Trying to avoid as much as possible for the time being.

Btw. I spent one whole day in Books-a-million with a notepad, reading as much as I could digest and I bought Russell Chun’s Flash CS3 FLASH PROFFESSIONAL (advanced).

So I’m trying to learn, and not just bug ya’ll with too many foolish questions. Thanks for the all the help. It’s greatly appreciated!!