Screw iTunes and its 'Smart Shuffle'

Anyone fiddle with this feature yet? I hate it… they did it completely wrong. How they’ve programmed it is, if you have it set up to ‘More Likely’ then every now and then it will just start playing a lot of songs from one artist, move on, do some random songs and then start playing a lot of another artist. BAD
how they SHOULD have done it is, keep track of which songs you’re actually listening to all the way through (or 75%) and remember those, and then look at all the songs you’re skipping through, and remember those. It should THEN start playing more songs from one of the artists you’ve been playing a lot. You know what I mean? Not this, random couple songs, and then a whole lot of one artist (that you may not even like…) and then on to some more random songs. AGGGHHH!!! SO frustrating!!