Script Problems / Conflicting? Any Ideas?

Hi folks, how you all doing?

Ok, Im redoing my own site.
Index loads the other pages inside an mc.

On index.swf, I have a mouse hide script attached to the cursor mc,
[color=darkred]onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

In my portfolio.swf page, I want to use “tool tips”,
over the images, this also uses a script, but directly in the first frame.

[color=darkred]startDrag(_root.caption, true);[/color]

I can see where the conflict may lie, but cant get my head around how to fix it…(Im just learning)

I use
[color=darkred]this._lockroot = true;[/color]

[color=#8b0000][color=black]in both files, but this doesnt seem to help.[/color] [/color]
[color=#8b0000][color=black]I should add, that the tool tip appears “where I built it”, it simply just doesnt follow beside the mouse (which returns to the normal mouse cursor)[/color] [/color]

[color=black]Very grateful for any pointers![/color]

[color=black]Thanks, Scotia[/color]