Scroll buttons again!

I’ve posted before on same topic but now I’n including some code. My buttons look like this, loading an external .txt file with LoadVars.

filosofiMC.onRelease = function () {
_level0.myLV.load ("_text/omVårYoga/swe_filosofi.txt");
loadedInfo._alpha = 0;
onEnterFrame = function () {
if (loadedInfo._alpha <100) {
loadedInfo._alpha += 10; } }
reEnableMeny ();
this.enabled = false;
resetMeny ();
this.gotoAndStop (7);

Anyone know how I make my scroll buttons (not visible in this code, but they are called “scrollUp” and “scrollDown”), dissappear when not needed? Tried to follow some tutorials in here but no luck.