Scroll textarea with images?

Hello Forum!
I having problem with scrolling area in Flash MX, or should I say question!

I want to scroll a area (dynamic text field), that contains both text and images, is this possible?

easiest way is to use the scroll pane component.

Hey Iammontoya!! Will the componete let you use images?

How dose the scroll this component work???

I´m quite a newbe to flash and hardly trying to learn!!!

Here’s a tut that I used:

Thanks for the link!

But is it possible to put text in this component, ofcourse I can try to convert textarea to graphics???

Thanks for helping!

Can I get rid of the borders in the ScrollPan component?

the scrollpane component scrolls movieclips so yes you can put whatever you want into a movieclip.

to change the border you need to find the symbol associated with the background of the component. i can’t remember what it’s named but if you dig around it’ll make sense when you see it.

Thanks for helping out!

The border problem I found and I also got a hang of the scrollerPan component, thanks for helping people in need!!

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