how do you scroll movie clips instead of just dynamic texts? can someone give me the action script code for the buttons? or if possible a scroll bar too? thanx in advance

you’ll want to manipulate the _y value of the movie you’re scrolling, rather than the scroll property of whatever text field.

here’s what i’ve written earlier with a few adjustments:

make a button:


make that button a movie and in the movie’s actions:


that’ll make pathToMovie move down the screen, to move faster change ++ to +=5, the higher the number the faster the movement.

re: scroll bars. what’s the matter? you didn’t like my first response? ; )


You may also want to add an if state to check if the clip is not to high or to low (if the clips:_y is not (!=) > or < to a certain value, then scroll, in pseudo script)…

i have a certain problem about srolling text. I know that you can load variables onto the movie clip by having the .txt file in the same directory. What i want to start on is a scrolling text box which scrolls with buttons (the text is scrolling on rollover actions until the mouse rolls off the button) and since im going to be updating this box regularly, it would be easier for me to just edit the .txt file instead of the movie itself, then upload it. Can anyone provide me with a simple explanation with a couple of action scripts on the buttons or the movie to guide me through this project? Thank you in advance…1370.topic