Dynamic buttons?

Hi there—just a quick question if you please…

I have a list of about 20 buttons that are too big to fit on the main movie, so naturally I want to have them scroll so the viewer can see them all. So:

Is it possible to place these buttons into a dynamic textbox so I can use them with the scroll component (as they are–as buttons)? And if not, what’s the alternative (if any)?

The ultimate goal here is to have a movie play (on a different location of the stage) when the mouse rolls over the buttons. Every other aspect has been taken care of like the movie clips, buttons made, etc. I just need these darn things to scroll…

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Probably what you want to do is creat a slidding menu that scrolls relative to your mouse position. Then have rollOver commands to play the MC you want. As for the slidding menu there are tutorials on this site about how to make one! Hope this helps you out!


Well actually I was just asking if I could put buttons in a scroller.

The way I have seen it, it has to be a dynamic text box in order for a scroller to work(?). If I’m right or wrong, I was looking for the solution.

Thanks again!

you cant put your movie clips in a scroll bar as you mentioned… instead youd have to create your own scroll buttons that moved the _y or _x position of an MC containing all of your movie clips.

Oh, ok…cool.

know of any tuts that discuss the x and y positions for such a thing?


look at the tut that explains actionscripted motion, then you can apply that to two differnt up/down, left/right buttons. If you are not trying to achieve any crazy effects, but only simple scrolling (or in this case motion of a MC) the coding will be simple. Anyway check out the tut and see what you come up with - if you need help with the code, just post here and I’ll help you out! Hope this helps you get started - good luck.


Actually, my friend, you can put an mc with a ton of buttons into a scroll pane, and that will work all day.

create your buttons, put them in an mc

in the properties of the scroll pane, under Scroll content enter “mclinkageId”. (without the quotes)

really? I didnt know the scroll pan would do that - I guess I should have tried before I opened my mouth… good to know that it does more than scroll text files… thanks for the info Iammontoya


You guys have helped a lot, thanks a bunch!

However, PLEASE let it be known that the scrollpane trick mentioned above by Inigo will NOT work unless you assign the linkage attributes to the mc:

–rightclick on the movieclip in your library (assuming you already made one–if not, when you create the mc you can do this there)

–under linkage tick the “Export for ActionScript” box, then “Export in first frame” if not already ticked.

–name the identifier by putting in the name of the movieclip. This will insure that the scrollpane knows what to scroll.

I know that it might be assumed that this should’ve been done with the experts, but some of us are still in that talk-to-me-like-I’m-4 mode.

But other then that, worked like a charm.