Scrollbar component

when dragging the scrollbar component onto the stage to attach to a dynamic text field, it wont automatically resize to that of the text box!!!

anyone know why this is happening!!!

thanks in advance…

Hey hifiway71,
I have that problem occur to me several times. Just make sure that the text box is “Dynamic Text”. Try not to forget to give the text box an instance name and variable name. Though, Flash automatically assigns a variable/instance name when you drag the scrollbar component. Maybe, have you considered resizing the text box? Don’t resize by right clicking on it and selecting scale though. Select the Text tool and click inside your text box. You will notice that you see the insertion cursor, the blinking | symbol. Once you see that cursor, you will see a tiny box appear on the corner of the text box. Drag that tiny box to resize your text box accordingly. Hope that helped.

Kirupa :rambo: