Scrollbar component

I have an empty textbox with the basic scroll bar component. Nothing is in the text box so the arrows are greyed out on the scrollbar. I have a button that loads text into the textbox, but the component does not update itself to accomodate text that is larger than the text box.

how can I make it so that the scrollbar changes when text is added…also If I put text in the text box in flash, when I publish it gets the scrollbar fine, but it will not adjust itself when I click on the button that loads different text into the text box. what happens is the scroll bar stays the same regardless on the size of the loaded text.

I’ve seen/done this before, can you post some code or you fla?

Sure, pretty simple example though…

Your textbox is dynamic right? Make sure the scrollbar comoponent has the same name as the textbox variable. If you drag and drop the scroll bar component on top of (not next to but literally on top of) the text box it should add the name automatically.

Yep its dynamic and the instance name is set and correct.

just one thing you may have to change this:
my_lv = new LoadVars();
to this:
my_lv = new loadVars();
(notice the Lowercase l) b/c i was using mx2k4.
here ya go home-slice: