can someone help me please…

I am trying to make a movie clip (550 x 1500) scroll up and down on a stage that is 550 x 400.

I am asking for one of you ‘flash Gods’ to see me through this… all though, there is currently no reward : (

I have:

1: the MC of text to be scrolled (550 x 1500)
2: up button
3: down button

…anyone know the code? (flash 5)

Thanks a bunch,
/sean m.

i’ve read the post a little further down in the forum (regarding scrolls with dynamic text), but i’m interested in scrolling a movie clip.


hi sean,

well i could give you a solution,

is your text to move when you press a button? if so loook here:

add this to the frame your working on:

speed = 5;
//or whatever number

add this to up button:


add this to the down button:


and make the texts instence name txt.

if you have any problems PM me. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know how it works. Thanks for your reply(-:


That worked BRILLIANTLY!

Thanks so much for your help DMX :slight_smile: