Scrolling text help

alright, ive followed the scrolling text tutorial (not the dynamic one), and i made sure i did everything kirupa did, and my text still wont scroll. when i preview the movie i get a blank scroll bar that is one solid color and it doesnt scroll. i need this done so i can add updates to my site!! please help me if you can

Hey chalkboard,
Since our AIM conversation, I thought about the problem for a second. Did you specify the variable name in the instance name or the var text box? That is the mistake I most commonly make when working with dynamic text boxes. If possible could you isolate the scrollbar and send up an FLA?

Kirupa :rambo:

how would i isolate it? if you want i could just sent you my entire fla file so you could check it out.

To isolate the scroll feature, simply copy the text box and the scroll bar and paste it in a new Flash movie. If you want, go right ahead and send me the FLA. If it isn’t too large, you can e-mail it to me at: [email protected]

Kirupa :rambo:

alright i’ll isolate it and email it to you