Searching [Designer, PHP developer]

Hi job seekers!

I got a big asignment here and Im looking for some suitable people that can
help us out.

First of all a small introduction of who ‘we’ are.
We are Hyperized Hosting, a startup company based in Europe where we operate all sorts of hosting. This involves teamspeak hosting, webhosting and even dedicated server hosting. However our main target is gamserver hosting. We aim for sharp priced, quality hosting and we provide around the clock support service for our customers. We deliver quality and we want to show this.

Unfortunally our current website doesnt look too interesting ( This is exactly what we want to change.
**Who are we looking for?

**[/U]First of all we search for people that think out of the box!
Also, if you think you can do a single piece of the jobs described below you can also apply for that.

**Template Designer ( **HTML, CSS and Javascript )
A person who is able to deliver us a well coded, quality designed template
to work with. This template should be flexible, compatible and easy adjustable. We are thinking of web2.0 inspired designs.

We are looking for a specific way of designing where design will work side by side with the coding. This includes dynamic templating and neat user interacting features.

**PHP Coder ( **PHP5 OO and MySQL **)
**This coder can write us financial, support and customer relation systems as a support for our hosting operations. This will involve several systems that should be modular and seemlessly intregrate with our other systems.

**Universial Coder ( **PHP, Windows and Unix platform server coding **)
**For this role we are looking for a universial coder that can assist us with the development of platform independend software to control server side software. This software will need to be controlable by our webbased systems allowing us to fully control our hardware platforms remotely.

What can we offer in return?

Because we are currently a startup organisation we are working on a tight budget. However we have acces to a huge ammount of resources in the hosting area. This is why we decided to offer customized hosting solutions in exchange for the provided service.


[/U]**We work on a open project base.
To give everyone a equal chance to get this job we require
you to submit your three best works to: [email protected] .

Sketches or design examples will be much apreciated!
You can contact us by several ways.[LIST]
[]Forum reply or Forum PM
]Email: [email protected]
[]MSN: [email protected]
]Skype: m_0007[/LIST]Thanks!