*** second (and third) After Effects product of mine

aah :love:

By request of Voets, I tried the melting text… ish… tut :slight_smile:

again, it could be better, mine always end up gritty :-\

and again, it’s in wmv format :love:

LINK: www.avalon-rev.dk/junk/melt_final2.zip


JUST finished the third attempt too :slight_smile:

This one is the mirror ball reflection… or whatever it’s called… :sure:

LINK: www.avalon-rev.dk/junk/mirror_ball.zip

edit again

Tried the sphere tut thing, didn’t have the plugin, so I used an ordinary lens flare =)

Also my gfx wasn’t too good, so…

LINK: www.avalon-rev.dk/junk/sphere.zip