Seeing Bill Gates!

Hey everyone,
Today, I got to see Bill Gates speak to students about the future of Computer Science and other stuff :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, here are the pics:


Starting his speech.

Brief moment of bright light…

Spam Joke 1

Spam Joke 2

Spam Joke 3

Question/Answer Session with the Students

Getting the MIT Sweatshirt

Of course - the classic MIT Engineering hard hat!

It is really quite an experience seeing someone whom you’ve seen in tv or in magazines speak in real life :slight_smile: His speech went on for about an hour or so, but he previewed a lot of cool technologies that are being developed for future versions of Windows that were pretty neat. Of course, the main focus of his speech was the future of Computer Science and the solutions we all will help provide in the future.

Best of all, he is quite humorous. He didn’t mind the prying questions that we all had about the lawsuits, personal wealth, microsoft’s wealth, intellectual property rights, defending outsourcing, etc. and answered most of them well.

Kirupa :ub: