Semi-transparent navigation

I’m designing a literary magazine on the web and would like to improve its design. This is what I’d like to do: when you click one of the links at the front page, a semi-transparent rectangle appears, with text describing the article that the link leads to. The rectangle should be partially transparent, so you can view the front page through it. If the text in the rectangle is long, you should be able to scroll. Also, the rectangle should have no borders, I don’t want to make a pop-up window.

I believe this can be made in Flash, but this is way above my level, since I’m a beginner. Any help on how to do this will be greatly appreciated!

A site that uses something similar is here:


Ok, this is all flash, it’s simply a clip , which is either off-screen, invisible or alpha at 0, then it gets positioned, made visible or higher alpha when you rollover one of the links (not when you click!). you can put anything in a clip you want, so for example a textfield with scrollbar/scrollbuttons, and then set the clips position & alpha to what you want, it’s not that hard…how much do you know about flash? is your site in flash?

Hi termite,
yep, eyezberg is correct, it is a fairly straightforward flash app, I would say the clip already exists on stage with the _visible set to false, onRollOver will set the visibilty to true,
I have a small file here that I put together some time ago, although it will do exactly what you want, methinks there is probably an better way (as with all things flash).
Hope it helps


Thanks for your replies - this list is fast, compared to other lists I’ve tried!

SteveD - thanks for the file. I’ll try working with this. Mind if I come back with a few questions later? I’m pretty much a newbie in Flash, the best I’ve done is an cartoon movie, which I drew by hand, scanned and animated in Flash. The site I’m working with does not use Flash, but I’m tempted to add some if I can get it working the way I want.