Senoculas' drawing api

lo all… me again back for help!!

i was stuck the other day with animated drawing. senocular pointed me to his drawing class (which worked out great btw/ grateful<).

it did exactly what i needed. only thing is i cant figure out how to clear the drawing after it completes. following code is the last line to be drawn.
(ive stripped this down to a really basic version that i can understand/use)
so i may have misplaced smthin in the code!

// import class
import com.senocular.ProgressiveDrawing;

// starDrawing ProgressiveDrawing instance, draws in _root
var starDrawing:ProgressiveDrawing = new ProgressiveDrawing(_root);


// draw square over (?) frames

i guess i need this piece of code smwhere but cant figure out where or how to handle it


if you look at the link (if youve time) youll see a small vertical line near bottom right.
any ideas?

i know im a gimp, askin again!! but i have tried to work it out! onest.