Set interval for thumbs

okay, Im not fully grasping how to apply (a second or two) setInterval to this code. I’ll attach the fla so you can see what I’m trying to do. (I’m on a Mac by the way) I just want my “box” mc to duplicate on after another, instead of all at the same time. You guys know what I mean.

var t = 8;
//gap is the gap between the thumbs
var gap = 50;
//c is the amount of columns
var c = 2;
box._visible = 0;
function createThumbs() {
	for (var i = 0; i<t; i++) {
duplicateMovieClip ("box","pic"+i,i);
//give the copy a (more easy) name
		p = this["pic"+i];
		//give the copy it's own identifier
		p.i = i;
		//set the x position of each thumb
		p._x = 100+((i%c)*(p._width+gap));
		//set the y position of each thumb
		p._y = 100+((Math.floor(i/c))*(p._height+gap));
		//set the actions for the thumb you can add rollover etc
		p.onRelease = function() {
			//load the pic in container , here you need the identifier;-))


Scotty (-: , if your viewing, I’m sure you’ll find this code familiar.

P.S. if anyone can help, if you could comment on the use of setInterval it would be appreciated. I already checked out tuts on here, but I couldn’t figure out how to apply to my situation.