Simple MC Prob

Well, this should be a simple MC script I need but yet for some reason its not being as simple as I it should be. I’ll explain the situation out. So if you want you can test in Flash or whatever.
Ok, to begin I have a MC with a little picture in it. Right, nothing to hard, just a simple picture. Next I went into the MC and inserted a new frame. In this frame I took the picture and made it larger. So now I have a MC with two frames, 1st with a picture, 2nd with the picture larger. Then I inserted stop(); actions into both frames. Next I left the MC and inserted this into the MC’s action box.
65 being the A key. So now when you press A it goes to the second frame. So it works so far. Then I went into the MC and cut the second picture into 4 seperate parts. 4 corners. Top left, bottom right, etc. I gave each MC a instance name after the corner they were in. Inside these MC’s I have the part of the picture with, lets say a circle on it in the second frame and the normal part of the picture in the first frame. Once again I applied stop(); actions in both frames. Then I used the following actions in the action box for all these MC’s. Wait a sec, you know what. I am very tired and I think I am just gonna insert a Fla. file showing the prob. Can’t really explain. Never was any good at it.:huh: The following Fla explains it all.