Simple MVC using swfaddress issue

I think I had this issue before I decided to try and learn mvc, which I’m doing right now. it’s not a complex problem. But I can’t figure it out.

First, should I add swf address to my controller? that’s what I think, considering it’s between the view and the update.

But mainly… I feel like it’s just going to loop… for instance. I add the .setValue method on a click handler. and it changes the url and everything… grand. but during the change it fires off the change event of course…

now how can I make adjustments to my file based on the change event listener, if it’s going to fire every time something in my movie sets the value??

as you can see i’m trying to use simplemvc’s classes… i’m just trying to learn though.


package com.Views.Navigation
	import com.asual.swfaddress.SWFAddress;
	import com.asual.swfaddress.SWFAddressEvent;
	import org.simplemvc.core.Controller;
	import org.simplemvc.core.Model;

	public class SisuController extends Controller {
		 * The constructor.
		 * @param model		the current model.
		 * @param view		the current view.
		public function SisuController(model:Model, view:MenuNav = null) {
			SWFAddress.addEventListener(SWFAddressEvent.INIT, SWFinit, false, 0, true);
			SWFAddress.addEventListener(SWFAddressEvent.CHANGE, SWFchange, false, 0, true);
			super(model, view);
		private function SWFinit(e:SWFAddressEvent):void{
			trace("init event = "+e);
		private function SWFchange(e:SWFAddressEvent):void{
			trace("change event = "+e);
			//what if I want to listen for this and then update the model accordingly?
		 * Event handler for the Navigation.
		 * @param event		mouse event.
		 public function clickHandler( event:MouseEvent ):void {
			var eventId:String = event.currentTarget[ 'name' ];
			model.updateLocation( eventId );

what if i made a class that overrides swfaddresses function and doesn’t fire the event? i don’t know… sounds weird… i’m sure there is a proper method for doing this…

help is much much appreciated all… I am loving as the more i learn