Simple site...please check

hey all,

this is for a friend at work for his dad’s construction company. he wanted a very simple site. it’s not done yet, i just have the front page. the pictures will change out on each page. tell me what you think.

i personally thing the header needs some work and i have a couple ideas floating around in my head.

by the way, it’s not my logo.

It looks nice so far! A couple things:
The blue links don’t really go with the orange and you might want to work on he left nav :slight_smile:

they’re supposed to be black links, i’ll get around to changing them, must have forgotten about them while i was experimenting with colors :). I’m not sure if he’ll want a left nav, just included it as a proposal.

thanks a lot.

can’t stand it!! Where is the flash!!! ARG *sign

*Originally posted by T-O *
**can’t stand it!! Where is the flash!!! ARG *sign **

T-O: Weren’t you warned multiple times against critiques like these? If you aren’t going to offer constructive criticism don’t even bother replying! Site Check isn’t just for Flash sites, it isn’t Flash Site Check, it is Site Check… meaning any kind of site as long as it falls within the rules of the forum.

Pinx: Overall it is a simple, easy to navigate, professional-esque design. You do really need to fix those links though :wink: It is hard to critique right now as all you have is placeholder text in 1 section. I would sure hope all the sections aren’t just big blocks of text like that ;(

it looks pretty good to me…but i agree that the header space needs something.

perhaps try putting a “construction” picture in the header somehow, ditch the left area where the crane pic is now and just align a picture in with the text block. i hope that makes sense.

i think your navigation might look cooler if the background changed instead of the font color.

just some thoughts :slight_smile:


1- Blue links are not matching with the layout colors

2- Maybe you should think of nice background pattern to give the site a more riched look…

Good Luck,

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I like it - nice and simple. Details:

  1. definitely add a stylesheet. I’d avoid the serif fonts and add custom link colors.

  2. You may also want to add headers to different paragraphs to organize the text better (again, part of the stylesheet). Text is good - for your visitors, for search engines. Just make sure it is scannable and apropos.

  3. I like the header - identifies the company and lets the interested contact same. I’d go a step futher and add a link to a feedback form/email. You may also want to add a tagline that differentiates this construction business from others.

  4. I don’t care for the image fadeout on right - smacks of a Photoshop filter for effect’s sake and isn’t in-line with the boxed motif of the rest of the site.

nicely done so far. Post it again when it’s built out!


The only thing I can add to what has been said is that you should use a different font for your body text. Try using something like airal or verdana set to10-12 pt would look cleaner.

thanks guys!

I’m actually just setting it up graphically for a coworker. He’s going to add his own pictures on the side and will make stylesheets, so that’s why i didn’t bother with formatting text.

i’d like to change all the things you guys said, but he likes it just the way it is from what i gather so i’m not going to change anything else. plus i don’t really have time either, so it’s all good.

*Originally posted by T-O *
**can’t stand it!! Where is the flash!!! ARG *sign **

this really doesn’t help me. i suggest you don’t give me any criticism if I’m not going to be able to get anything from it. so unless you have something helpful to say to me, I’d rather you not reply.

The sites effective and clean. Good work.

I just did a construction site for a friend, and a little Flash really jazzes it up. You might want to add something like this: