Sintax v2.5 minimal

K so i got tired with my over animated hard to update site designs and went with a trendy minimal site.

I’m getting a second domain so this site is just going to be personal. I wanted something simple that i could update in 2 min and it does just that. I used some HTML popups to reduce the file size of the site(only 7k so far).

So waht do u guys think

It’s very small. And loads so quick. Maybe too small. It’s like really weally small.

Well… it is minimal… and very dial-up friendly… but perhaps put a logo or something in the bottom part of the first thing you come to (before you click on a menu option).

I like the minimalist style and the colors, but the small size makes it nearly impossible ot read @ hi-res. I think you would be better off with a pixel font that is 2 pixels or so bigger. I looked through your portfolio section and something my professors have said comes to mind and that is: it’s better to have a small & strong portfolio instead of a larger mediocre one. I suggest taking out your less proffessional looking sites. That will help you win more clients in the future.

Ya this site is more of a personal one. I have ascond domain that i’m working on. It will be more for professonal purposes.

i like this site, it really lives up to the name, ‘minimal’. The theme is consistant for all pages, which is good. but if you gain some control of your scroll bar colors by utilizing CSS, you can further customize the look of your site. Also, I spotted a typo and a spelling error in the contact section of the site: desings, and highering should be hiring. :End constructive-critique-mode:


Thinker2501: “it’s better to have a small & strong portfolio instead of a larger mediocre one”

that is great advice. care to divulge any more of your professors secrets?

Thanks a bunch majeye. Those are exactly the comments i need. I totaly let it slipt to change thscoll bars. Don’t know why i forgot to. Plusthe typo’s are aa huge help. Because i’m dyslexic and flash doesn’t have spell check i tend to have a bunch of those. It is alwasy nice when someone points them out to me.

Bigghelp man


no problem, glad i can help.

nice but the fonts are a tad too small. very minimal nice